About Me

Jonathan Cain is theĀ  interim Director of Digital Strategies and the founding head of Data Services at the University of Oregon. In addition, he serves as the Associate Librarian for Planning, Public Policy, and Management. Jonathan is a trained tidyverse trainer and a certified Data Carpentry instructor. He holds an MSLIS from Pratt Institute, an MA in Africana Studies from New York University, and a BS in Anthropology from College of Charleston. He believes in libraries as a platform for leadership higher education and works to center library workers as partners in research and student success. Jonathan is an active member of the open scholarship and data communities, contributing to OSAOS Handbook (https://osaos.codeforscience.org/) and planning OpenCon Cascadia (https://opencon-cascadia.github.io/), as well as the csv,conf,v4 (https://csvconf.com/2019/)

His work centers on how libraries can play a fundamental role in preparing students to meet the challenges of our current knowledge and technology-based economy. There are several issues that our work in the technical sphere (such as data services) can address, including the well-reported lack of diversity in data science and data-savvy careers. For example, women and some minoritized groups have limited access to opportunities through metrics, mentorship, and access to disciplines that traditionally produce data experts. This has a tremendous knock-on effect on the diversity of the expert pool and as a result, the ways that data is used to make impactful decisions in health, public administration, economics, education, and government.